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Website Speed Test Tool

 Being a web developer would not have been an easy task if you were not provided with tools which would help you to keep a track of your own performances. Every person needs a feedback, whether it is a student or a well-known businessman. It is a prominent attribute in masses to enhance anything you acquire to get a better result each time. Being a part of 21st Century, it is essential for successful people to keep an eye on their own work than to look on others. Similarly, the Website Speed Test tool is a benefit for web developers to keep a check on their website’s performance, in terms of its speed (whether running at good speed or a low speed). This feature is easy to understand and simple to use for skilled users and inexpert users both.

Website Speed Test Tool

What is the operation of this tool?

 There are multiple functions offered by this tool, such as:

  • Reviews a web Page
  • Test From Different Locations
  • Performance Of A Webpage
  • Tips And Suggestions
  • Views performance history

Reviews A Web Page:

JavaScript, hyperlinks (DOC, XLS, PDF, etc.), image size and visual specifications (CSS), HTML, are all checked by this tool completely if they are working accurately or not.

Tests from different locations:

Since your website could be reached at any location in the World, this tool will help you to perform the test from various locations (e.g.: Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.) and check its performance accordingly.

The performance of a web page:

Displays the overall statistics of your web page after you finish the test. It will also show you the speed at which your page is being loaded. This will let you know the places for further improvements on your website.

Tips and suggestions:

A helpful function which provides an opportunity to improve your skills in developing your website by giving a few advices and tips.

Views performance history:

It shows your previously observed tests and may also compare it all together. It will you give a greater idea of what should be your next step.

How to operate this tool?

This tool can easily be used by newcomers and experts; hence no difficulties shall be faced while checking the website. You can perform a test by simply entering your URL to a window which has this tool, such as: After entering your URL, click on ‘Analyze’ button. Subsequently this will take you to the complete examination of your webpage after processing. Having a look at the statistics, it will help you to decide what further actions must be taken to enhance your website.

How will this tool help you?

It is necessary to use this basic tool to keep a check on the presentation and performance of your web page. It will help you to upgrade your work from time to time. By keeping you updated with its speed, you will be able to recognise the places where you are lacking. Website Speed Test tool will help you learn how to make your web page load faster. This test will help you to improve your future performances.