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Do you ever feel the importance of organising your goods? Similarly, website owners have a great deal of content on their website. It may be difficult to keep a check on each and every content that your website holds. This is why all the web owners are introduced to a tool which will help them in keeping up a list of contents on their website. Websites mostly have various URLs on their page to increase traffic. A number of URLs may increase a lot because of which you may feel you are in a chaos. To exclude this type of misunderstanding you can use the Sitemap Submitter tool.

What is a Sitemap Submitter tool?

Before understanding this tool, you must be aware of what a sitemap is. A sitemap is a file known for gathering URLs of mentioned on your website. All these websites are to be gathered to be submitted to Google Search. The sitemap file can be found in XML format. The XML file contains a list of URLs for a web page. A Sitemap Submitter tool is used to enter the XML file for you to submit to the search engines (either Google Search or Bing).

Sitemap Submitter

How to operate a Sitemap Submitter tool?


To use this tool, you first need to know that you have to have a connection to a website which presents you with this Sitemap Submitter tool. To give you a clear view, we can introduce you to a website which offers you this tool. Once you have visited this website, find this tool. You will see a big empty box. You are supposed to enter the XML file that contains the URL list. After entering, you can select whether you wish to submit it to Google Search or Bing. You may also select both. Next, you must hit “Analyse” and your work will be done.

What is the benefit of using a Sitemap Submitter tool?

Anyone may ask us this question as to why we must be using this tool. This tool is beneficial to use because it helps when the crawlers are going through your website. Submitting a complete list of URLs will make the work easier than spending the time to find each and every URL. Furthermore, the easy usage helps in quick processing. Also, when you submit a sitemap to Google, the search engine is automatically notified if you have introduced some new content on your website. On top of everything, organisation matters a lot. By using Sitemap submission you can categorise your content and organise it properly.Owning these benefits, you will always feel that you are gaining advantages for your website, instead of being in a loss. The best part is that this tool comes for free. You will not need to give any input to get your result other than the XML file. This fast and free tool has made your work easier and more organised than it had been before.