Being a part of writing business has become a common practice of people. All you have to do is spill out your creative skills in writing and give bright ideas. People have started rewriting articles to increase traffic on their websites. But rewriting articles is not as straightforward and easy as it looks. You have to consider a few rules to bring out the best material which will then increase the number of visitors on your web page. Having more visitors will then increase the ranking of your website as well. So, it all comes down to the content you are posting. High-quality content gives you more market on the internet. The content of your website matters the most. If the content does not have a high quality, you will have less or no visitants on your site.

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Tips on rewriting an article:

People who are into rewriting items and do not have an idea how to go about it must keep some things in mind. The following bullets will help you in presenting an impressive article:

  • Keep one thing in mind that your owner requires good quality and efficiency of work. They do not want something usual or commonly seen on the internet. Make sure you present an article which is impressive and looks new.
  • The main point your owner will find is that your article must be 100% plagiarism free. Plagiarism is known to be a writer’s worst enemy. It will never help you succeed in writing business because it just means you are not bringing out something of your own. Try to present the article with different words. Do not copy anything from the parent article. You have to understand the difference between rewriting and copying before you began with your work.
  • To make your content useful, use right words and check whether you can convey your message correctly or not. Use more beautiful words but not too difficult to understand.
  • Keep in mind; rewriting does not only mean you must rephrase the article. You can also add your points and ideas to enhance your work. Adding more points will also make your work unique and different from other materials.
  • To bring out an exceptional piece of work, you may change the format of the report. You can modify the sequence of headings and subheadings. Following the same format from the previous article is not necessary. You are allowed to make changes.
  • To complete your task in less time with excellent presentation, you must start rephrasing paragraphs, not sentences. If you focus on separate sentences, you will not understand the idea that article is promoting. Secondly, it will be very time-consuming.
  • Read more and more articles similar to the topic given. This will enhance your skills in providing creative ideas. New information that you will be gathering is always valuable.
  • Make it a habit of copying the idea, not words. You must understand the concept of the article and then continue with your words.

Simple steps to rewrite an article:

  • Before starting any article, make sure you establish a vast area for creative ideas.
  • Read the content thoroughly and prepare to make some interpretations.
  • Analyse the parent article completely. Understand each and every word it says.
  • Jot down a list of keywords used. Find relevant words to your list. You may use Google Search.
  • Making a mind map is optional. It will help to have a look at what points you have gathered.
  • Start rewriting the article. You may look back at the previous article for the help of ideas, not words.
  • Before submitting your work, give it a check. Proofread your article for mistakes.


Being an Article Spinner may not be as simple as it seems. It is a difficult job to do because you have to present a plagiarism free article. When you spend more time rewriting articles, you will increase your knowledge accordingly and time will come you will not need any help from articles with similar topics. Being in practice will help you to enhance your writing and creative skills as well.

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