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Page Authority Checker 

When you begin a career, it is essential to keep reviewing your work. Paying attention to your work is equally important for a student and a businessman. It will become hard for you to taste success if you fail to keep track of performance. Successful people tend to have a grip on their duty. Same is the case on the Web. You have to maintain a record and avail every chance to improve your performance. The performance of your webpage depends on the user’s review. A specific page can be ranked, showing the results of your performance. Page Authority Checker tool offers this function for web developers. Page Authority Checker tool can check multiple elements of a page. It displays a result of the appropriateness of a page on a search engine (example: Google Search). Keep in view, this tool does not check the authority of a domain, but only a page. The calculations are constituted from the Mozscape web index.

Page Authority Checker

What Does This tool Has To Offer?

Page Authority Checker tool performs its task to check the authority of a specific page or URL, not a domain or subdomain. This tool submits a ranking from a 100 point scale. The scale used is logarithmic. The product of your URL will be predicted by Moz. The rankings are judged across thousands of search results performed on the search engine (Google). This tool can perform the task for bulk URLs. You can get a product of up to 20 URLs at one time. We also need to notice the difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority. The former tool estimates the rankings of a single web page while the latter tool calculates the ranking of an entire domain.

How To Operate This Tool?

In order to check the rating of an individual web page, you must have an access to a website benefiting you with this tool. The following website can help you in giving a rank of the web page: Once you have gained access to this website, you can enter the URL of the page in the provided box. You must not enter any top level domain, instead, enter the URL of the particular page. Hit ‘Analyze’ button to start the processing. It is only a matter of seconds after which you can view the ranking. The result will be calculated by combining factors including hyperlink accounts, Moztrust, Mozrank, etc.

What Can You Earn With This Tool?

Page Authority Checker tool is helpful in allowing you to recognise the ranking of your own page. This a valuable tool if you want success over the internet. This tool can also be used to check which page has a higher profile than the other. By using this tool, you can take certain measures to make your page more powerful than before. This tool will help you to focus on your page profile. You can have every chance to improve your web page and be successful around the Web.