James, at the age of 34, was becoming more and more unsuccessful as his life was proceeding. The career he chose for himself did not turn out to have any scope in the country he lived in. He was becoming financially unstable day by day. His health started to decline too after such failures. James began to blame himself for the failures and his inappropriate decisions. He was at a point in his life where he had no family support. With no support at all, he tried spending most of his time in making decisions for his future and how he could make his life better.

He tried to his best to attain a stable position but failed to do so. Soon enough, he got jobless. All his dreams were crushed. He thought he would never stand up on his feet and be independent again. The world seemed hopeless for him. It looked like there was a dead end to his existence. The comparison between him and his colleagues was going hard on him. Seeing himself as an image of disrespect and disappointment built up a feeling of shame. He finally managed to discuss his feelings with his friend, Chris.

Being a real college mate, Chris tried his best to get him a respectable job at many firms. James’ luck was not favouring him at any moment. That is when Chris remembered their college times when James used to be one of the council members of the newsletter. James was known to be among the best writers of his college and got individual columns of the Bulletin. Immediately upon this memory, Chris thought why James shouldn’t try blogging. James had been so hopeless by then that he stopped believing in himself and declined that thought.

Later that night, he could not go to sleep. He had been thinking about Chris’s idea of blogging. He was still inconsistent on this thought. After hours of thinking, he finally decided to give it a try. At that moment, he was past all hopes that he would move forward to successfulness.


The next day, James gathered all his strength and began writing. He wrote a few blogs but did not think they were up to the mark. Time kept passing by, but he could not feel any improvement in his writing skills since it had been ages that he wrote for something. Hopelessness was building inside him, but he still did not stop trying. James wanted to do something for his family, to gain his respect again.

Hence, he contacted Chris again. Chris, who was intelligent enough to bring up the idea of blogging, thought about it again. It struck him once more that he could go through different websites in search of blogs according to his choice. The ones that he liked could be rephrased and presented as a new blog on his webpage. Later on, James was introduced to an article rewriter tool, which helped him generating blogs which were new to people and all other users. He tried the tool and found it useful. He started copying blogs from other websites and used the tool to rephrase it and make it a new article. He sometimes wrote blogs by himself and used the tool to omit his mistakes.

Using the article rewriter tool, James thought his work had become very comfortable now. He started generating hundreds of blogs from that particular device in less time than expected. He would just paste the content on the website containing this tool and would get the result in no more than 15 minutes. The content produced would be new to the internet. It was not something stolen from other websites. He just used to take the idea and build a blog through the tool.

Time kept passing by; James realised he was finally successful enough to support his family again. He now earned about 3000 dollars a month, which is sufficient after facing such difficulties. James got outstanding results after he had begun using the article rewriter tool. He now thinks that he would not have been prospered if he never got to know this tool exists, making lives easier and less hopeless.


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