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As you know many developers are using Hash Generator For their coding and some other stuff to hide If you ever feel the need to hide something from someone, you will create the same thing into codes, will you? This will help you in saving it from eyes that are unwanted. By adding codes, such people will not be able to understand the text and invade your privacy.Also, if you think recognising texts is becoming difficult, you will be adding various codes to let it stand out. This can be a way for you to get your task done at a faster rate.We have introduced a Hash Generator tool which can help you in encoding your text for you own reasons. Using this tool can solve your above-mentioned problems too. This way there will be no one being a part of your personal things and you will also find it easier to recognize texts. Let us see how this tool works.

Hash Generator Tool

What is the operation of Hash Generator tool?

The Hash Generator tool is made to convert a normal text into the encoded version. The tool is able to encode words in three different types MD5, SHA-1, CRYPT and other versions. MD5, also known as Message-Digest algorithm 5, is used in encoding 128-bit. SHA-1 is known as Secure Hash Algorithm 1 which encodes the text into 160-bit hash value. The encoded value containing alphabets and digits will denote the actual text in a secured version. The Hash Generator tool is able to convert your text into hashes.


How can you benefit from this tool?

The Hash Generator tool is helpful when you need to secure your text from unwanted eyes. This tool will help you in generating a kind of text which will not be recognised by you even. The version created is much difficult to understand; hence you will be sure that your document is safe from unwanted people. Hash values are all related to security. Furthermore, an encrypted text can be easily recognised in a database than a shorter version of the text. This will also make your task smooth.also, you can have to look our Encode Url Tool That Helps you to makes them completely understandable for a computer.