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Get Webpage Size The Page Size Checker tool is available to use free of charge. If you have a slow loading web page (use this tool to assess the speed) it can result in a high bounce rate because net users have zero tolerance for slow loading websites.


A typical web page that is small is approximately 12 KB, and that will load quite fast. The more media on a page, the slower and the larger the page size it will load. Embedded videos, pictures, sound, graphics, flash, and other forms of media increase your page size.When you use this tool the results will reveal the size of your website in both Bytes and in KiloBytes (KB).

What if you have limited space from your Webhost ?

Find a web host that is better! and Keep track of how much space you’re using by assessing each website. Moreover, limit the size of each page to preserve quicker load time and keep your bounce rate low.