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It will encode all characters except for the following which will remain unencoded ; all letters from A to Z, and numbers. It will also do encoding for the latin character set which includes these for example: é,ì,ç and many more latin type characters.

URL Encoding Options:

Encode URL Tool

The computer is believed to one of the most incredible invention of the history. It has really facilitated the operations up to a very high extent. It is regarded as an intelligent creature to an extent that debates are started on comparison of a computer and a human brain. Still it is a well-known fact that the computer has a very limited understanding capacity.  Computers can only understand numbers. Therefore, in order to make all the non-numerical languages, characters and formats, understandable for computer, American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) is established, which is the numerical representation of all the characters and actions. URL is actually Uniform Resource Locator. It refers to any address to a website, web page or a domain on the internet. The URL is mainly composed of two kinds of components. First one is identifier of protocol and the second one is the name of resource (website, web page or domain). In instance, in, the http is representing the protocol identifier while the is showing the resource name. URLs usually contains non-numeric characters which are impossible for a computer to understand. Such URLs are to be necessarily transformed to valid ASCII formate so that computer can be able to understand them. For this purpose encoding of URLs is done. It means that encoding of URL is actually conversion of computer unreadable character of a URL into a computer readable format.

About the Tool:

SEO tools network has launched a tool that encodes the URLs within few minutes and makes them completely understandable for a computer.This tool is available without any fee on the internet. It means that now any person can encode any sort of URL within a tiny interval if time without opening zip of his purse. It is massive opportunity for all those who usually deal with a variety of URLs for different resources, to transform the unsafe (computer unreadable) characters of any URL to a format in accordance with ASCII set in few minutes without any charges or paying money.


This tool is very much easy and simple to be operated. Even any user who is just in learning stages of I.T field can operate it with no difficulty and trouble. While running this tool you will have to specify URL encoding option among the available choices, on the basis of which all the processing will be taken place and results will be displayed. During this selection you will have to, opt those choice, which is relevant to your need and desire. User uses to specify the encoding spaces format by this selection.After selection of a format for encoding space, the entering of URL is taken place. For entering of URL in the tool, user has to past the his URL in the window which is specially designed for pasting of URLs. After pasting URL, the user has to click on a button located just below this window. Thus button is bannered with the statement of “Encode Your URLS”. By clicking this button processing is started which usually lasts for few minutes. After finishing of processing, results are displayed, in which unreadable characters are replaced with a % and following two hexa decimal digits or plus signs.

In short, this tool is a blessing for its users because with this tool they can achieve reliable and qualitative standard results in a minimal time interval and without any financial expenses. So this tool is highly recommended for all those professionals who deals with a lot of URLs in a day to day life and want fix all the URLs according to the set of ASCII in order to make them able to be read and understand by a computer.