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SEO’s Backlink Checker

The modern world is moving towards materialism. And in such a materialistic era, SEO tool network is the only organisation which is providing valuable services free of cost. List of such services provided by SEO tool system is very lengthy, but Backlink checker is one of the most critical and technical services ever offered by its providers. In this instrument, they provide an opportunity to find information about a quality of your web source (website, web page or web directory) by estimation of its particular famous characters.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are described as the other site’s links that visited the targeted web source. It is a measure of web source’s quality just like the citation is used as a unit of the standard of a book or article. The number of backlinks pointed towards a webs site, or web page is considered as a measure of the importance of that website or web can check also this tool Backlink Lookup Tool Although, the quantity of backlinks is not always valued by Google and sure other search engines regarding the ranking of a web source, yet the quality is considered as a more potent factor in this regards.

To evaluate the position of your web source, you must have to know about, how many backlinks are pointed towards it, the source of each pointed backlink, anchor text used for its description and how often it has been turned “unfollow”. These all factors make you well aware of the standard of your web source. It means that knowledge of all the factors discussed above is vital for the planning of future strategies regarding the development of a web source.

Backlink CheckerHow does a Backlink Checker Works?

Backlink checker is not less than a blessing which tells you about all the desired properties, guiding you clearly about the position of a web source. This tool is offered by SEO tool network free of cost. You will just have to enter the link or address to your web source and then

A procedure is initiated which is composed of a series of tests that are carried out and finally the results are displayed. Now by having a glance at the results, you will be able to know not only about the number of backlinks pointed towards the targeted web source, but also about the origin of each pointed backlink, page rank of each backlink source, anchor text used for description of that web source and any prominent warning or red signal for it.


While using Backlink checker, initially link or address of targeted web source is entered. Now all the backlinks pointed towards the “under test” website or web page appears along with their sources and Google ranking of their sources. Similarly, the anchor text used to describe the targeted web source is also displayed in the second column on the lower right corner of the screen. In the final column, any warning or red signal is present which usually tells if the page is being unfollowed ever.

Backlink checker is a very useful tool to point out the new standing of a web source. It not only show the following attributes but also about the possible adverse signs of an internet source. Still, it is believed that this approach cannot be an alternative for a link audit. Because a link audit is comparatively a very complex and profound process which has its purposes and is carried out on an annual basis.