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The human mind has a limited capacity. Even a very smart person can have a restricted stock of knowledge, especially when we are concerned with the words heard of a particular language. Therefore, the writers, across the globe face great hurdles in designing plagiarism-free manuscripts. To overcome this problem, SEO Tools network has introduced a specially designed article rewriter that can transform an ordinary article into a novel manuscript, having minimal similarities with previously entered articles and almost zero percent plagiarism index. An article once entered into this tool is passed via a series of processes to reach the ultimate results. The processing of article is carried out slowly which usually takes several minutes. After processing of the article, almost all the content is replaced by their synonyms. Not only replacement of words is done but also the substituted words are indicated by showing them bold and coloured. At this stage, the choice is offered to the user if he or she want to change this new word with the older word which was replaced, or any other word of his or her choice.

What does this Paraphrase tool do?

The functioning of this tool is very simple. It is so much easy to be operated that even a person with microscopic knowledge of computer or I.T can run it without facing any difficulty. The whole functioning process can be summarised into few steps. Initially, the selected article is copied from its parent location followed by passing of this very article in a window on article spinner which is specially designed for pasting of articles and manuscripts.

Now, after the pasting of the desired article in the window, the user will have to prove that he or she is not a robot. And for this purpose, he or she must have to tick the box present against the statement of “I’m not a robot”. Without marking this box, a user can’t go ahead because not a single click on any available options is proved useful until and unless this box is marked. You may be offered with a question as a step of verification of your non-robotic nature just like you can be asked to select all the pictures carrying food items among the entire group of visible photos shown on screen.

After giving correct answer of question offered at this stage, you are believed to be a human. Now the user is provided with multiple options including a rephrase article, check plagiarism and checking of grammar. A user wishing to transform his material into a novel manuscript is suggested to click the option bearing the label of “re-write article”. As soon as the user clicks on this option, processing of the article is started.

Now What To Do?

The whole process of processing is displayed in percentage of processing completed with circulating arrows which give a message of patience to the user. After few minutes, the processing is completed, and a different article is available that shows zero percent plagiarism on any plagiarism checking software. Now, this new section has several such words that have been replaced by the present state from the previously existing words. Such replaced words are shown as bold and coloured so that they might be identified.

The user has a chance at this level to click on such courageous and coloured words and replace them with the same older one which was present in parent article. A user also has an opportunity to replace this new word with any other word of his choice. Now the user has two options; either to click on back button and undo that all happened with the article, or select next button to confirm these all changes which are done up till now in the article. As soon as the user clicks on next button, a re-written, the new article is available to be utilised for any purpose.

Article Rewriter Pro

This  reworder Tool is Equipped with half million synonyms database:

This tool is loaded with 0.5 million more synonyms to make its working more fluent and optimised. The user can quickly change a word, which is just replaced to its synonym, to its various other synonyms by one click. Such a massive number if synonyms offer the user to select the most optimised synonyms as a replacement of an existing word in the parent article. So user if this tool has an opportunity to take his or her manuscript to the extreme of quality. Usually, scholars and writers feel poisoned to select the best alternative of an open word. This tool, with the help of bulk stock of synonyms, offers its users to carry on their writing activities fluently.

This tool is a blessing for those writers who want to compose a manuscript that is free of plagiarism problems. It also offers to produce an alternate version of an existing article, which will not only be unique in its nature but also carrying a new character. Creating of such alternates, actually enhance the ranking of the writer but also provide an opportunity to the readers to enjoy various articles on the same topic, telling about similar tactics but having zero percent plagiarism. It is also useful for those writers who are stuck with plagiarism problems in their articles and want to put down the plagiarism percentage in their manuscripts.

Advantages of  this Article Rewriter Tool:

Along with various advantages, still, certain drawbacks are also present in this tool. This is not always a solution of plagiarism issues because in many cases none of the possible synonyms is suitable to be used as a replacement of existing word. For example in a case of scientific manuscripts dealing. Usually, no one among the available options is a right replacement of existing word. In an instance, work is a synonym of action in everyday English, but in physics, if you use action instead of work, the meaning of an entire sentence can be destroyed.

Similarly, this tool may be a source of an illegal activity of publishing of various versions of a single research work. Articles just have to pass via plagiarism checkers before they are being regarded as a suitable one to be published. And with this tool, this sole barrier is crossed quickly. This practice is highly discouraged to be done using this tool. Because this is not only a moral crime but also regarded as a cynical act by the search engines. It is because such articles have nothing useful for the readers.

In short SEO tool network’s free article spinner is just like a weapon that can be used both positively as well as negatively depending on the nature of use and the user. Still, it is believed that this tool if used positively, can overcome various problems of writers community by offering them an opportunity to easily convert a simple standard article to a unique and novel manuscript with an extremely facilitated a simple processing and without any financial burden.