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Words have the uncanny ability to create magic. Often a group of words is rewritten to achieve various purposes. Either if you are a student, blogger, author or writing in any capacity; you need to play with your words to create magic for the reader. Rewriting is a very useful tool for a lot of people. The best way to rewrite something is to do it yourself and with your own knowledge. Often this is restricted by lack of time and vocabulary. It takes up to hours, days or even weeks to rewrite something depending upon the length of it. No matter how good you are in the language, there comes a point where your knowledge starts to drain out.

For this purpose, humans have created numerous rewriting tools to save time and use all words available in the English dictionary. Rewriting tools use millions of synonyms made available to them through artificial intelligence and instructions given by the human mind. If you hire the services of a content writer to rewrite/create content for you, they will charge you a lot. Big organizations can afford this but small startups and students can never afford the services of professional writers.    

How Our Article Rewriter Works

Our programming team has developed an “article rewriting tool” that is different and unique from other ordinary tools available online.

First of all, our article writer takes into account the nature of the article you have uploaded into our system. This tells us that from which genre your article belongs. Either it is a student assignment, blog, research paper or a professional document. Now, it takes into account the major words and phrases that need to be changed and find out the right synonyms and alternate sentences for them. Sometimes, our tool offers you with a list of synonyms that can be inserted in the place of a specific word. The purpose behind this is that the reader knows the nature and dynamics of the article better than our tool. Only by selecting the most appropriate word, the user can keep the structure and sense of the writing same.

After rewriting and keeping the dynamics of the writing same, our tool passes it through a plagiarism checker. This ensures that the legal standard of plagiarism is maintained after rewriting the article. After all this process, a final rewritten form is presented to you. All this process may require some time depending upon the nature and length of the article to be rewritten.

Why Our Rewriter Tool ?

There are certain factors that make our rewriting tool different from others. In fact, the below-mentioned points are the advantages of using our article rewriter

  • It can help you create different and unique content. Not everyone can afford the services if content writer.
  • Many people are not good at writing. So, if you are one of them, you are in the right place. Our programming ensures that every rewritten article is different from the original one.
  • As compared to ordinary tools, our rewriting tool saves you a lot of precious time.
  • Our tool allows you to sharpen and increase the overall quality of your content. By correcting the grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes, it increases the worth of your writing.
  • It also makes sure that the content generated is not plagiarized.
  • If you are creating content for SEO, then our website will present you with first-rate content to be used for this purpose.
  • Above all, it is free. If you are a regular user of article rewriting tools, you must be aware that all quality tools are heavily charged. With us, it is free of cost and the quality of our work remains the same always.
  • It saves the hassle of uploading and downloading the files, you just have to copy/paste and click the rewriting tools. Here you go, the quality work is available.

Article Rewriter Pro

Some Tips to get more Effective Results

We want you to get the best possible results from our tool. That is why we are suggesting you the following tips

  • Please make sure that you go through the rewritten article a couple of times to make sure that everything is correct. Sometimes computers end up making mistakes that are only caught by human minds.
  • Keep a check for the words replaced, makes sure that the replaced words or sentences are making sense in accordance with the original piece of writing.
  • Please do not create multiple rewritten copies of a single piece of rewriting. As you continue to increase the number of rewritings, the content quality decreases.


Utilizing the service of a great article rewriting tool is helpful in increasing your productivity and saving precious time. Use our services confidently as we make sure that nothing but the best is delivered to you in minimum time. Give it a try and you will notice the difference between our and ordinary rewriting tools.