Without domain authority, it is very difficult to reach the top positions of the Google search and totally impossible if they are dealing with terms with a high degree of competition, so it is as important to generate quality content for our website as to work to increase the authority of the domain.

What is the authority of a domain?

The authority of a domain, also known by its Anglicism Domain Authority (DA), is an indicator proposed by MOZ and that ranges from 0 to 100, and that aims to measure the strength or prestige that a website has on the Internet with the passage of Time, so it is a changing value that can go up and down.

Want to check your website Status you can check via this domain authority checker tool

How to measure the authority of a domain?

There are many tools that can give us this numerical value but my favorite are two:

SEO Toolbar MOZ: Extension that you can install in your favorite browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and that you can activate to measure the authority of a domain or search in Google, and deactivate when you do not need it. This way you forget about those fixed bars that occupy an unnecessary space in the browser.

Open Site Explorer: If you do not want to install anything, I recommend that you use this tool that will measure the authority of the domain and will tell you the best quality links that are contributing much of that authority.

10 Tips to Increase The Authority of Your Web or Blog

Tips to increase the authority of your Web

1.- Creating a consistent website structure

It is essential to create a consistent and consistent structure of our website. And the truth is that it is one of the aspects that is most overlooked and is not taken into account when creating a good information architecture when designing a website.


2.- Generating content of great value

  • If you generate high-quality content and value for users, this will make it shared by other blogs and social networks, ensuring a great diffusion and good positioning of the same.
  • This may be one of the most effective ways of gaining authority, but if we do not combine it with a good dissemination and promotion of valuable content, the impact will be much less.
  • Keep in mind what readers are demanding when writing content because if we combine quality with demand we will be taking steps in the right direction.
  • I recommend you read the post “what to write in a blog when I do not know what to write”, where I leave you some ideas or methods that I use to find topics in which to write.
  • I would like to emphasize how powerful infographics are as a tool of natural link building, as well as to increase and amplify the social reach of our publications.

3.- Getting quality links

This is the most important aspect to increase the authority of a domain, and it is to get quality links that point to our website, but try to get natural links, whenever possible, to sites of the same theme and language, since Google seeks a natural relationship and seeks the quality of information.

But when we do not have experience in the topic of SEO we do not know where to begin to increase the authority of our domain, and not take risks for Google to think that they are artificial links, it is for that reason that I have dedicated to looking for links to domains of great authority On the Internet and where we can get high quality links that help us increase the authority of our website.

1.- About.me

With About.me you can get “dofollow” links of quality totally free and in a matter of minutes, and all in a domain with authority of 92/100.

Another interesting aspect is that we can add the feed of our blog and get a “dofollow” link to our latest posts.


If you create a basic account with Alexa you have the opportunity to add 2 links to your website. Alexa has a domain authority of 95/100 and is a site of a very good reputation.Having a basic account with Alexa has a cost of $ 9.99 per month.


Just for the fact of registering you can create a “no follow” link to your Blog that although does not transmit authority to your domain is also positive for our positioning web that we have links “do follow” and “no follow”, and this is one of the best links “Nofollow” you can get, especially if your web or blog is dedicated to the topic of Marketing.

Newspaper listings 20 minutes

Similar to Moz we can create a profile and register our website and get a “no follow” link in domain with authority of 86/100.



With gravatar, you can add all the links you want, be it your web page, Blog categories or social networks. All of these links are “no follow” but come from a domain with a 95/100 authority.


Getting your blog published on Awwwards will only cost you 40 euros and with it you will earn a “dofollow” link of very high-quality thanks to the authority of the domain is 83/100.

This very interesting trick I discovered in the blog of partner Sandra Guerrero.

Just by registering your account you can get a totally nofollow link from a domain that has a 96/100 authority.

4.- Proactive attitude in Social Networks

As Jay Baer says, “Content is fire and social media is gasoline,” and this phrase defines very well how social media can make our content viral if we know how to use a good social media strategy.

  • Content nothing like “fish in the water” in social networks and we must know how to make the most of their potential.
  • We must be very active to get a great engagement and above all to connect with other great professionals in our sector.

This social popularity can permeate our brand and our website with a great social authority, and that transmits much confidence and security to our followers and readers.

5.- Internal links

Internal links is a fantastic way to transmit authority from one web page to another in our domain.The ideal is to have at least one link although I recommend that you use more than one, I usually always use 4 to 10 internal links in most of my post.I recommend that you use the WordPress Plugin Related Post and thus you can add a series of internal links of other post related to the same theme.Increase authority internal links

6.- Removing negative links

  • A negative SEO attack consists in the creation of artificial links that point to our page that has as an objective that the Google search engine, and concretely “Google Penguin” punish us and we lose part of our web traffic that we receive from the search engine.
  • If you want to know everything about negative SEO do not miss this fantastic post by Luis Villanueva, where he tells you all the ways that can attack your web or Blog.
  • I recommend that you spend a few hours every month to analyze the health of your links, and especially to detect an artificial growth in link building. This artificial growth can be detected with a simple view with the tool ahrefs.

7.- Networking

If you want to get a relevant website on the Internet, you should not forget the importance of relational marketing with other professionals in your sector, since they are the key that your project can increase more or less the authority of it.In this case the idea is to dedicate a few weeks to the study to identify which professionals can most help us to promote our publications, but this is not done fast and running, since it takes the same time as when we know a person and we are forging a Friendship, and what we have to try to do through the social environment.It is also very interesting to put face and voice to these professionals and interact with them in congresses, conferences, seminars or any event related to digital marketing and social networks.

8.- Exchange post or guest post

The post exchange is a very common way that all professionals use to increase the authority of their website, as well as to improve other aspects of the brand, get more readers, etc.Normally this exchange is requested through the contact form of the Blog or through the Social Networks.With a domain without authority, it is very difficult to reach the first positions #SEO

9.- Comment on Relevant Blogs

  • Commenting on relevant blogs is very positive for different reasons that I will list below: The y improve our SEO that we link other domains of our subject and that these have a great Domain Authority or DA.
  • Encourage other professionals to comment on our Blog.
  • We get visits to the web.
  • It gives us the possibility to talk with other professionals and let us know.
  • It is important to value the effort that takes to any blogger to devote hours of his time to writing a post, so the least we can do is to spend 10 minutes of your time to read the content, and in case we want to contribute something, we can Comment the post.

10.- Social Influence

Some people think that social influence is important to amplify or improve the reach of our publications, but this is just the tip of the iceberg that can really help us this social influence to improve the authority of a domain.Social influence is a powerful magnet that will attract other professionals to make collaboration agreements in different ways:

Subscriber to Feedly.

  • Agreement of publication in Social Networks the contents of the Blog.
  • Post exchange.
  • Mentions in articles.

The 4 aspects have a great impact on the increase of authority of a website but especially the mentions are direct natural links to some of our blog post, which will give us a great boost to that authority.

Why does this happen?

The truth is that the principles in a blog are the hardest, no authority has no social influence, so even if it is sad to say it is uninteresting for other professionals who seek the “win to win” relationship, but when it happens The opposite case and you get an authority above 30 and a great engagement in Social Networks will rain the proposals of agreements of this type and mentions of other blogs that seek your social impulse.

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