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In ancient times various sources and techniques were used to deliver your message to someone other. These techniques were selected on the basis of the distance from the target to which the message was to be delivered. Things are getting faster these days. The world has become a global village now. It is now possible to convey your message to each and every individual while sitting in your bad room. This situation has given rise to a sense of competition. Each and every individual, no matter if it is related to which field of life, will have to face certain challenges. People have started spending more time with their workings as compared to the old days due to the immense environment of competition. Writers, being a group of educated as well as the wise people, are facing really huge contests in their field of writing currently.

Concept of Copying and Pasting

The concept of copying and pasting is going to be hibernated due to various detecting tools that may expose the efforts made by the writer with its pen and paper. These techniques have really generated a purification and scrutiny of the manuscripts that come into the market. Among these techniques, the Plagiarism Checker is one of the best tools that can not only detect the extent of plagiarism but also make you aware of the plagiarized areas in the given manuscript. Not only in the field of research but also in literature plagiarism detector has achieved a top most level with respect to the utilization and services. This tool has gifted a lot of blessings to the art, literature and research areas of the recent era. Among the available free plagiarism checking tools, the one offered by SEO tools network is the best choice for the people dealing with any kind of writing activity.

Plagiarism CheckerHow to Check my Paper for plagiarism?

Initially, the article is to be entered into the tool. For this purpose, the writings are to be copied followed by its pasting in the window specialized for articles. If the manuscript has words more than 1000, a stepwise pasting and checking will be required of every part worth 1000 words.

Checking Originality

As soon as the article is pasted in the tool, checking of copyright will be near to be started. Just a button of “test Plagiarism” is to be clicked for starting of the scanning of the article. Soon after clicking of a button, you will be able to find the duplication and plagiarized contents in your manuscript.

Interpretation of Results

After completion of scanning all the plagiarized contents of the article will be marked as red, which means that these contents are copied from somewhere else and is pasted. Upon clicking of these red dyed contents you can have an access to the source from where they have been copied. This tool tells you about the percentage of plagiarized material in the article, on the basis of which the quality of the content and article is decided.


The working of the SEO tools network is really “as easy as A, B, C”. Even a person with nominal knowledge of computer can also utilize this tool without facing any kind of difficulty. Usually, the web tools are failed to gain the desired popularity due to the technical and complex running methods as the majority of the people are not the experts with internet and computer. But in the case of plagiarizing checker, no such hazels are observed by the users. This why, people across the globe, no matter, which field they may be concerned and involved with, can utilize it with its outstanding facilitating system. Moreover, it also offers plagiarism checking services by uploading files, URLs etc.

Privacy & Security

Immense competition has given rise to the sense of web thefts. You will lose your material, which you have got after a lot of hard work, in no time as soon as you upload it on any online tool. SEO tool network has adopted “Your privacy, our priority” as a motto. They use to delete the history of all the functioning done on it at once after completion of the task. They do not save any history of search or check for future use. This strategy has made this tool very safe for users dealing with novel manuscripts.

Checking Plagurism via URL

It is also good news for the interested communities that Plag Checking tool may offer you an opportunity to get the plagiarism results in your manuscripts by just pasting the URL of that article in the tool. This another good feature of this tool that will make it possible to get the desired results in no time.

Options Up To 5 Tabs

This tool offers another exciting facility to its users. Now it is possible to get results with up to 5 tabs range. Before this, all the other tools were failed to process such a huge number of tabs. But now this problem has been resolved and processing of such files is no more a dream now.

Duplicate Content Detection by Uploading Files

Before the launching of this tool, certain software were offering these services by finding results through only one method that is by pasting of articles in the window.  But now, this trend has been modified by the SEO tools network. Instead of pasting of the contents of the manuscript, one may have an opportunity to upload the entire file and check its plagiarism. For this purpose, the size of the file must not exceed the optimal limits, above which you will not able to get proper results.


The above description has revealed all the corners regarding the utility of Plagiarism checking tool. It is the need of the hour for every professional, whether working in online business or involving with some research or literature activities, to use this tool to get the quality of the manuscripts in a brilliant way. I shall recommend this tool because of its extremely tremendous features, easy working and precise results.